Monday, 21 October 2013

Gravity (2013) ~ Review

The outline of the story is all about surviving a space disaster. This is one of the best space adventure films that ever made (Probably this year's best). A masterpiece from Alfonso cuaron. Interesting plot, Intriguing cinematography from Emmanuel Lubezki. Heart pounding Steven Price's background scores, Sensible screenplay, George clooney’s decent supporting role, brilliant visuals and use of CG, Thanks to Tim Webber (VFX).
Everything at its best, all top notch. 

Sandra bullock played the character of her lifetime, a trademark one! Best cinematic experience in 3D. So sad that the running time is only 90 mins for a thrilling space ride. Stop noticing at the scientific flaws because it’s more a fictional and emotional journey than anything else.

Rating: 8/10

 Gravitational force is too strong so“Don't let go” ;)

Escape Plan (2013) ~ Review

Finally, the dream team Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone joining forces to kick ass’es. Sam neill gets to work alongside a couple of dinosaurs yet again! (Arnie & Sly) :P The unusual story is the platform for the movie which is quite unpredictable; this helps to carry out the film with the same intensity till the last stage. Since it’s a never boring commercial script, the plot holes go unnoticed. 

Former terminator Schwarzenegger turns out to be self deprecating humorous person and the whole play has got something to do with him (Revealed at the end). By the way, it was a great fun seeing him back in big screen. Coming to Stallone, in this one he largely depends on his brain matter than relying on his muscle power alone. The only one that stands out terrible is none other than ‘50 cent’. Even the female lead isn’t crucial. But the pace wasn't affected in anyway. My advice is that, this would be an action packed entertainer if things are not taken serious. 

Rating: 6.5/10

Escape plan is more or less a dumb popcorn flick that makes up for its entertainment value.