Monday, 8 July 2013

Singam 2 (2013) ~ Review

He could beat the crap out of dozen men to hell with some funny looking ferocious blows.

He will still be loved by 2 attractive girls shamelessly at the same time, even after he slaps them with no mercy.

He can cross state territories and reach there well before a matter of conversation could get over.

Being an ordinary deputy commissioner of police, he has the power to implement new rules out of nowhere.

He has the brain to solve mysterious quests even a well experienced detective will find difficult to handle.

He has an extra ordinary eyesight which could capture all the illegal activities and spot the baddies in the town in a single sight.

He can track down villains at any point, anywhere having all India's unimaginable-advanced tech in his pocket.

And here comes the most hilarious part,

He can exactly guess the lip movement of an antagonist when he's yards away :D

For more info, watch Singam 2.
(Only cop in the world with supernatural powers)
Durai Singam: A Hypocrite Indian Police!

Yet again Director Hari's usual sudden scene change irks grooving into poor songs in between. He keeps his usual pacy screenplay weak. 1st half was quite intriguing but the later half is just the opposite. Didn't have a proper ending as well. Suriya alone carries the whole 165 mins, running all over tuticorin in the name of Justice, Kicking asses of goons in the power packed action sequences and providing cacophonous lengthy dialogues without taking a breathe. There's hardly any noticeable contribution from the rest of the cast. In fact, most characters don't seem to have any purpose at all. Songs are atrocious, especially the last one and the background score is not effective as it was in the prequel. Credits to the man behind the camera who really did a great job, adding a gaming look to the stunt and chase features.
I have never seen an International kingpin who hoots like a gorilla, in the ultimate dual with the Protagonist for no reason! I'm sure that he must have thought his character was King kong (Instead of some Michael kong*)

My personal & humble opinion:
Singam 1 >>>> Singam 2
This flick is strictly for those few ardent Surya fans. Limited to South-Indian family audiences and to the so called 'logicless masala movie' lovers. Others can watch only for Santhanam.

@Director Hari: Don't ever give us such a lame movie and fool the audiences hereafter. Please switch on to a new genre.

#Singam2: Too much flaws ruined the movie, a total disappointment :/ Nevertheless a good entertainer :)

Rating: 5.5/10


  1. when you give Thaliava 6 rating and Arambam & Singham2 5.5, then there definitely something wrong with your movie analysis, or you might be a vijay fan or surya hater..its a biased review, a movie should give what it appears to be.. you can't expect a Hari movie to be like a manirathnam movie..Please be fair to all..As a general audience, everyone like Arambham n Singham2 more than Thalaiva..

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Everybody has their own way of seeing the frame. Likewise, I have my own way of rating a movie (Which I cant reveal) Considering your point of view, you must be a biased vijay hater and to be honest i was once a Ajith fan. But no more.. because I turned out to be a reviewer.. At the same time, i'm not against any particular actor. We've to consider d movies, based on current & respective trends irrespective of our fav/non fav stars. Our own likes or dislikes should not be involved while judging a film or we'll go blind. Well, i cant justify that all my ratings are proper. Singam II may be a blockbuster but it's restricted for a pure cinema lover, that suits for Thalaivaa and Aarambam as well. The era of commercial movies are over son. To me, all three are same.
      I never liked any of the above movie. Your only concern is about thalaivaa being rated 0.5 more rite? So that makes sense.. I’m only mentioning about the flaws here.. Except the same old 80’s story of a mumbai based tamil don and the irking 1st half, thalaivaa had very few mistakes compared to other two.. "If there is no logic.. there is no life.. a story can have plot holes.. not a man hole full of stupidity" but that doesn’t make thalaivaa any better movie..

  2. My dear boy if you say Commercial movies are over, then you are way over your head..everyone loves and want commercial movies with fist pumping and mind blowing scenes but with some sense in it..hollywood or any other industry cannot survive without commercial movies, your perspective of commercial movie is wrong..every movie from john wayne, clint eatwood till superhero movies now, everyone loves themand their trend will be always there.. And as you are reviewer, there is lot of responsibility for you to not to be biased..I don't have a problem with thalaiva being rated 0.5 above the others, my problem is your rating scale is differing for each movie.. if you like art movies alone, then for all commercial movies should be rated with less value and same scale, not a different scale for each movie..I can be a biased person as u say, but if we are going to act as a critic or reviewer we should act unbiased, i am not reviewing here but you have a bigger role than me..what I am requesting you is just view a movie by what its ready to offer you, irrespective of trend or hero or any other u said our own likes n dislikes should not be involved, but considering these three movies, it was biased with your likes n dislikes.. and I know u have a difficult job to do, but my humble opinion is have the same scale for all movies..i also saw many plot holes in Thalaiva and acting was horrible than the other its a bad movie for me.. but thats not important now, my concern is that why it was rated above the other, when it was bad than the others...i dont care if singham is rated 9 or 4..but why there is a difference between similar kind of can take my words or leave it..but as a movie lover, I was unable to be the way I agree with ur irandam ulagam rating..cheers!!!