Sunday, 2 February 2014

Veeram (2014) ~ Review

Focusing the high resolution device on the star, forwarding it in slow motion, who already has a slow walk. Simultaneously keep playing the only composed soundtrack from start till the end. That's it... I'm tired of watching this same old crap right from Billa, Mankatha to Arrambam.. and now Veeram. It's useless to expect for a change in future. Other than that, directors are making good use of Ajith in recent flicks, taking out only what he's capable of., instead of over doing anything silly. And all of a sudden, things got worse after the intermission. By the shaved look of our ultimate star.. Nasser, who plays father of a novice actress keeps calling ajith as 'thambi'.. I think he really means that :D (or perhaps he was thinking him as 'samanthi' the whole time :P and it became a twist for him at the end) 

Quality of the movie is almost as bad as Siruthai, saving the first part with Santhanam and leaving the next part going berserk. Siva was targeting to reduce the budget of the entertainer, so he started with Ajith's costume i.e wearing the white combination throughout 2 hrs and 41 mins. Songs are well placed but misplaced. The copy-paste king DSP will never disappoint us.

Rating: 5/10

Veeram now holds the record of the longest dhoti commercial! ;) and takes a heavy toll on poor audiences :/

Note: Nobody is against commercial movies if it is made good.

People who avoided  #Jilla & #Veeram. I salute those who saved their penny /\ Fans are fighting for the better among abysmal.


  1. another biased review from a vijay fan!!! movie was waste as u said but better than Jilla!!!

    1. Another biased comment from a ajith fan!!! both are crap.. As i said, fans are fighting for the better among abysmal.
      #Waste_of_time_and _money

  2. but still there is a difference between which is worst..I am not a reviewer but you are.. so you shouldn't be biased... then whats the point!!!