Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pacific Rim (2013) - Review

*contains spoilers

One of the most expected movie of this season, "Pacific rim". Many thought it has some connection with Roland emmerich's "Godzilla" (2005). It doesn't have any relation with any movies and it's not an adaptation. This one has a fresh script. But i could see Glimpses of Godzilla in many scenes, the same has been followed in here as well. I do not want to mention them but i'm sure u will notice.

The story begins in the present day in San-Francisco where a Gargantuan monster "Kaiju" unleashes from underwater portal between dimensions in the pacific ocean that destroys the Golden gate bridge and much of the bay side city. As more and more monsters rises, Pan Pacific Defense corps, led by Marshal Stacker Pentecost (Idris elba) comes out with dual-piloted gigantic robots "Jaegers" to fight back. The use of the Jaegers is a convoluted process called Drifting wherein two pilot controls from inside the helmet of the machine, the thoughts inside their heads paired up so that they can seamlessly control the gigantic steel creation together. It may sound confusing but it never does.The Human seem to winning the battle but seven years later everything turns upside down, when the hot-shot pilot "Raleigh" (Charlie hunnam) loses his elder brother "Yancy" (Diego Klattenhoff) in a battle against "Knife head" Kaiju. And then Kaiju's learns to adapt as they improve their skills against Jaegers. Raleigh somehow survives from that blow. Five years later, in 2025, he is involved in the construction work putting up a barrier wall around Hong-Kong which is being claimed failure by the construction workers when a Kaiju in Sydney demolishes the barriers and passes these with ease. He is approached by Marshall to rejoin the team. With only few of the Jaegers remaining before their funding runs out and more Kaiju lying in wait, he needs his best warriors to lead the final do-or-die fight to save the humanity.

Coming to the cast, The Protagonist Charlie hunnam, who certainly has the required fitness and charismatic look, also does his role really well. Noticeable work from the rest of the cast including Prometheus fame, Idris elbaCharlie Day and Burn Gorman plays Scientist "Dr.Newton Geiszler" and his annoying assistant "Gottlieb" respectively. Rinko Kikuchi as Japanese pilot "Mako" whose dialogues are minimized may be because of the fact that her first language is not English. The younger counter part of Mako played by Mana ashida, is nothing short of exceptional. She delivers the perfect emotional dosage in her allocated scene time of about 10 mins.

Visual effects are best utilized in 3D. Action sequences throws up some "Transformers" kind of look, the ultimate showdown under the water makes it even worse. Background scores were pulsating, not to mention funny as well. The film starts with a decent pace and gains momentum in the middle part when the Jaegers and Kaijus take part in a brutal combat. The Screenplay maintains well till it reaches the last portion, which spoils the whole movie. Unnecessary awkward humors and sentiments were placed and those last 30 mins was too predictable which was a huge disappointment and the ending was not up to the mark.
Guillermo Del toro comes up with something new but eventually fails to attract the audience.
It was indeed a good attempt.

Worth a watch.

People who haven't seen the film yet, Go without any expectations, you will be entertained.

Rating: 7.5/10

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