Saturday, 23 August 2014

Vellai Illa Pattathari (2014) ~ Review

       Dhanush certainly marked his own unique style in Indian Cinema yet imitating his father-in-law has become a routine for him recently. Anirudh scores again as usual! Although source for some of his composed tunes belongs to middle-eastern musicians, this guy has got something huge coming to him (No sarcasm). Thankfully, the film maker avoided awkward romances in foreign soil for a good for nothing duet., which is really a big thing to appreciate in modern kollywood movies. Amala Paul (Shalini) living next door to the hero can be seen in her house terrace 24*7 or driving her car. Good contributions from Saranya and Samuthirakani, who reprise their role as parents for the protagonist. This movie is a compilation of Dhanush's previous flicks Thiruvilayaadal aarambam, Padikathavan and Yaaradi nee mohini. Same old concept which has been used in tamil cinema since 90's is repeated here. The end credit says "The film is dedicated to engineering students and VIP's" has no stuff to inspire the so-called VIP's.

Rating: 6.0/10

#VIP - Vettiya Iruntha Paarunga (Watch it if you're free)
Just another crowd pleasing commercial entertainer.

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