Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Thalaivaa (2013) ~ Review

After getting mixed reviews & most of the plotline revealed well before the release, so i went without any expectations. Those spoilers didn't affect the story in anyway, which is old but different. Movie begins in 1988 in bombay and there comes the title credits which has got nothing to do with the film. First half is quite lengthy, dragging, repeating similar sequences again n again 
thereby making the portion insipid. Editing could've been better by avoiding unwanted scenes. The awkward moment is when the word "bro" is called more than "sir" used in the film SarojaNirav Shah's cinematography, a Visual treat. G.V.Prakash's background scores are pulse-pounding (Not to mention CTRL+C, CTRL+V has also been used)  songs are audio delight. Screenplay is boring in the 1st half & a bit intriguing in the second. Apropos, A.L.Vijay managed to pull things back after the intermission and made good use of the surreal cast. Ending is too familiar. (Thank god, No far-fetched scenes).

Vijay is youthful (as he's always been), his movements are phenomenal and led all the way while Sathyaraj has been a real highlight. He portrayed his role well, their relationship stands as a plus point. Santhanam keeps his timing sense but his whimsical one liner's wasn't catchy and fails to attract the spectators at some stages. Individual performances/contributions include Amala paul, Ponvannan & next dream girl Ragini Nandwani.
In a nutshell, Thalaivaa is a good, decent entertainer and did not screw up much as it is claimed.

Verdict: Will surely be a south-indian commercial hit Worth watching once. Strictly for ardent Vijay fans.

Rating: 6/10

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