Monday, 23 September 2013

6 Candles ~ Review

The story of the whole flick is a one-liner; similar to Liam neeson's Taken with a strong message. The melodramatic movie shows a doting father's never-giving search to find a way to get back his missing son, who has been kidnapped in beach. Actor Shaam has worked extremely hard after a long come back. Good solo effort from his side, Neat supportive role from Poonam Kaur and the sentimental screenplay from the director made the movie interesting. Some of the scenes went quite dreary and boring. Srikanth deva's songs and bgm gave a good ride throughout but wasn't upto the mark.

It surely won't satisfy commercial movie lovers or those who expect too much. Totally, 6 Candles joins the 'club elite' in Tamil cinema but surely will fail to make an impact at the box office. I really feel sorry for Shaam whose astounding efforts will go in vain if it's not given a required push.

Rating: 6.5/10

A brave attempt from V.Z.Durai (Mugavari, Nepali), could have been a lot better. People who haven't watched the movie yet, can give a try to this one instead of preferring the local stone-age commercials Ya-Ya or VPVS.

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