Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Arrambam (2013) ~ Review

The most wanted person in the most wanted film of the year, the protagonist Ajith Kumar a.k.a Thala, flies from country to country, place to place without getting caught or being noticed by anyone. The same thing happened in his previous blockbuster film Manktha and directors yet again failed to rectify. If i list out all the un-digestible flaws present everywhere in the movie, it may form a mega domino deck :P There's no logic behind most of the sequences. Cliched too much and added to this, we have a goofy villain. Infact, Mankatha was lot better than this in all way respective of the flaws it had. Our devoted fans will try to justify everything so i ain't gonna criticize about anything no more, i'm already done arguing with these people.

Whether its a boat or bike, it is always scintillating to watch him ride :) To admit, background beats were the true savior but even then, it turned out to be exasperating because whenever Ajith walks, the music is tuned-on. It's really effing to watch this stuff since we are dealing with this repetitive matter right from Billa.  For a film to be of better quality, the makers must stop depending upon specific person or their talent alone.Vishnu vardhan failed to bring the quality product. Arrambam is nothing when you take away Yuvan from the crew. It's a good for nothing mediocrity flick. Full of gimmicks.

Rating: 5.5/10

Never bother about the predictability or copied scenes. This one will be delight if you are a Ajith fan or a commercial movie lover. But if you're dedicated thy self to good cinema then stay away from this as you recently did to Thalaivaa and Singam-II (If possible, skip the atrocious All in All azhagu raja as well).

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