Thursday, 7 November 2013

Krrish 3 (2013) ~ Review

One more Indian-Superhero movie successfully added to the trash. The third installment of Koi... Mil Gaya series -[of which Krrish 2 is still missing] Krrish-3 is a compilation of all the comic superhero characters, particularly concentrated on X-Men. The Story is set up in Mumbai or should i say the whole Mumbai shown, is nothing more than just a unattractive useless Set, thus lacks creativity and originality.

Evergreen and charismatic Hrithik as Krishna (Krrish) battles Supervillain Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) and his mutants. Here kaal has telekinetic powers and moves in a hover chair, imitating Professor-X (which doesn't suit him). Perhaps, V.Oberoi  should stick to gangster films, that's where his ruthlessness looks good. Coming back to Hrithik, he kept nervous whenever things got a bit serious. Even though he played his own father, without much difference to his appearance, it did not seem like both characters were played by the same actor at all. Kangana ranaut plays a role of form-changing female mutant Kaya (Hench-women of Kaal) who later falls in love with Krishna. Apart from these two characters, there is no significant performances could be seen in the screen. Priyanka chopra has been used as a modern sentimental wife every there and then and to remind us that she is still a part of the franchise.

The whole 152 mins or so is entirely based on two concepts "Light is life" and "Fusion is future" but eventually fails to tell what its all about?

Kangana ranaut covers most of the opposite genders by uncovering most of her body, wearing half-naked costumes may help improve glamour but it surely does not make a film like this suitable for children's.

First half was enthusiastic with Krrish's energetic intro. Unfortunately the remaining half couldn't carry the same momentum. Coming to visual effects, even a PS3/XBOX game will have better graphics.
I often keep pondering why the makers are still believing in making songs in these kind of movies.. I know it has become a tradition and indian spectators will always love to watch songs and dance movements but instead of adding another extra cost just for 300 secs romance in a foreign location, why couldn't they rather invest more on VFX? At-least it would reduce the running time.

Climax stunt sequences are entirely copied from Man of Steel. Salim-sulaiman's music never lost the resonance at the crucial stages but Rajesh roshan's songs was not useful in anyway.
Krrish 3
ends in a way that still something left in the series.

Rating: 5/10

With preliminary suspense, it is more a emotional treat than a action based movie, could have been made much better. Another mega budget rip-off :/ Nevertheless, Krrish 3's packaging is fairly pretty yet the Roshan trio's (Hrithik, Rakesh & Rajesh) could not able to provide what the audience really need.

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