Sunday, 2 February 2014

Biriyani (2013) ~ Review

All the key ingredients are properly mixed and served. There isn't much to criticize about the story or the movie. Venkat Prabhu mastering the commercial formula, covers our South-Indian audiences really well with the masala feast which is what needed the most considering our current trend. As a result, everyone came out pleased with the way things went. 

The Director finally manages to end Karthi's 2 Year diet. But the worrying part is.. he's either trying something new in the wrong way or doing something wrong in the right way. At-least in future i hope that he doesn't give unnecessary importance to his goofy brother or use the names, dialogues, songs or visuals of other famous celebrities to gather cheap publicity. Well forget that... that is never going to happen :| I still wonder why such a creative talent like Venkat prabhu is planting other's idea and style in his features when he has got his modus operandi of film making?

Coming to the cast, most of them has got nothing to do with the story and are appearing among titular guest roles, including Hansika Motwani. Mandy thakkar, a serious deception! Good use of camera and pacy screenplay are the extra scores to the exuberant entertainer. Some of the scenes are utterly copied (eg., from 21 Jump Street). Meanwhile, the movie being U1's 100, the hit albums & tracks from Hollywood to Kollywood are playing a huge contribution than Yuvan's music.

Rating: 6/10

The Movie will be a big hit commercially ! Otherwise, it's just an Ok movie with some plot holes IMHO.

My Dear Director Saar,
Biriyani la piece'u mattum hot ah iruntha pothathu :P Better try to come up with something new ji (No-offense) :P

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