Sunday, 2 February 2014

Jilla (2014) ~ Review

For the price of one, we were shown five films (From Godfather, Aiyaa to Dheena) and witnessed one of the poorest screenplay in the history of Tamil cinema. No wonder R.T.Neason was Remake Raja's assistant. Each and every punch dialogue's of the Malayalam star begins with his role name 'Shivan' and hearing after umpteenth time, i totally forgot his real name by the end of the movie :P All i could do, is to sit back with my hands on my head, squirmed, grimaced during the whole gruesome first half.

I see many people, who say Jilla is like Pokkiri-2, but in-spite the fact of pokkiri being a Telugu remake, it was lot better in many ways. Vijay imitating his own acting and style from the later one didn't look any better and seemed ridiculousPoor dialogue delivery from him (Similar to Pokkiri). Changing the voice modulation doesn't work for him. I'm surprised to hear that the flick is called blockbuster, when even a follower of the actor like me couldn't take it more! D.Imman's music was good but didn't provide the powerful frequency when it was most needed. Yet again, Sampath - the only highlight in the cast and rest are just a showcase. There are not many applauding factors in this Pongal potboiler.

Rating: 5/10

Vijay failed to start the year with high note.
Jilla disappoints: This will be a bitter truth to his fans.

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