Thursday, 24 December 2015


Contains*Minor Spoilers*

After all the hype and nearly a decade wait, did Episode VII of Star Wars live upto the expectations? To begin with the cast, leading in the front, John boyega and Harrison ford, both of them did exceptionally well. Would have been more better if Rey didn't sound british or Kylo ren wasn't another whinny Anakin. Just kidding, he is way better than George lucas's Anakin was, of course. Oscar issac and Domhnall gleeson were pretty decent in their respective roles as well. Captain phasma was nothing but a mere cameo. Han and Chewie combo, such a treat to watch! John williams's nostalgic background scores, a masterpiece! and the standout Rey's theme simply nailed it.

The concept of the storyline is similar to one of the previous episodes, which makes us to think "Have the writers ran out of new scripts that they decided to make the new trilogy, a mashup remake, beginning all over again?" Well placed action, CGI and humour kept the movie even alive and rolling; building up to the element of surprise. Few flaws pops up but are not too serious to be considered when the movie gives you one heck of a ride.

There are no major plot holes. Alas, the screenplay is predictable in some parts. Overall, a good package. As a fan of Star wars, couldn't expect a better christmas present. For those, who shall complain, be thankful that it came out better than all the prequel trilogy. Yes, I mean all -including Revenge of the sith. Thanks to the man behind everything, J.J.Abrams, for bringing the magic into the big screens with no less satisfaction! Didn't he do well to save the franchise and undo all the damages done by the first two episodes?

Flattering adventure :)

Rating: 8/10

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